Groups and the Ages of the Children
Children between 3 and 6 years of age are looked after in Lech in the Ski Kids group (we ask for your understanding that children in the Ski Kids group must be potty-trained and no longer wearing nappies).  Alongside fun and animation programmes, children in this group also learn the enjoyment of snow, skis and skiing. Children attending the Lech Kinderclub get used to their ski equipment and the snow in an area which is optimally set up for beginners to practice on.  This makes the subsequent transition to ski school much easier.

The very small kids (from 2 to 3 years) are well looked after in the Play Kids Group.

The Daily Routine at Kinderclub
Children can be dropped off from 9am onwards at Kinderclub Little Zürs in the Zürs Council Building. At lunchtime the children receive a varied, balanced and tasty meal (cost €13,– per child per day). For in between times we supply healthy snacks.  We eat in the Kinderclub room where the children are assisted and overseen by our team. At 4pm the Kinderclub day is over.  We ask that children are promptly collected by this time at the latest. The multilingual team at the Kinderclub consists of qualified and experienced kindergarten teachers and ski instructors.


Tickets for the Kinderclub Little Zürs can be purchased either in the Kinderclub Little Zürs office (Zürs Council Building) or at the reception in your hotel in Zürs.

Purchased tickets will only be refunded in the case of illness or injury and a refund is only possible with a certificate from a local doctor. Rates in EUR.


Do you and your child(ren) want to see what Kinderclub is like? Also available at all three Kinderclubs is a half day trial ticket. With the purchase of a ticket for several days, the price of the trial ticket will be correspondingly deducted.

Kinder and Co GesbR, Googie Gundolf and Georg Gundolf take no responsibility in case of accident.  Accident and personal liability insurance is the responsibility of the participant.

Duration of Stay at Kinderclub Price per Child, Winter Season 2021/22
½ day (Trial session) € 56,–
each additional ½ day € 51,–
Trial day € 88,–
1 day € 84,–
2 days € 150,–
3 days € 200,–
4 days € 245,–
5 days € 307,–
6 days € 359,–
7 days € 405,–
Lunch per day € 13,–
Extension day € 46,–

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  • How long are the children looked after?
    From 9 am until 4 pm.
  • From what age can children attend Kinderclub?
    In Lech we look after 3 – 5½ year olds in the Ski Kids group.
    In Zürs we look after 2 – 3 year olds in the Play Kids group.
    In Zürs we look after 3 – 5½ year olds in the Ski Kids group.
    In Oberlech we look after 2 – 3 year olds in the Play Kids group.
    In Oberlech we look after 3 – 5½ year olds in the Ski Kids group.
  • Where can I buy tickets for Kinderclub?
    In the „Haus des Kindes“ in Lech. Office hours are: daily from 9.00 - 16.00.
    Also in your Hotel in Zürs and in the Oberlech Ski School.
  • How can I pay?
    Either cash or with Visa, Mastercard, V-Pay and Maestro cards.
  • Where is the meeting place for the Kinderclub?
    The kids club is located halfway up the stairway to the church, right, vis a vis the Hotel Krone.
    In the Zürs Council Building.
    In the Alpine hut behind Hotel Montana.
  • Where is lunch eaten? In the Kinderclubs:
    In the Kinderclub building.
    In the Zürs Council Building.
    In the Alpine hut behind Hotel Montana.
  • Is the cost of lunch included in the ticket price?
    No it is not included in the ticket price (chargeable, including supervision during the lunch break from 12 - 1 pm).
  • Is there a ski race?
    The Kinderclub race takes place every Friday morning.
  • What activities do the children take part in?
    1 hour skiing, every morning and afternoon in Lech and Zürs. In Oberlech about 2 hours skiing in the mornings. Building snowmen, animals in the snow, snowball fights, a variety of games (Indian, pirate, clown, magician, disco and craft afternoons).
  • What clothing and equipment is required?
    The ski children need: ski outfit, ski boots, skis (please no plastic skis, gloves, helmet, goggles/sunglasses, sun cream. Ski poles aren’t needed yet.
    The play children need: snow outfit, boots or winter shoes, woolly hat, gloves, sunglasses, sun cream.
  • Are parents/chaperones allowed to be present during the day?
    Parents/chaperones are welcome to stay until their child(ren) are settled in, but are not encouraged to remain during the day’s activities.
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